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    "Prevention is at the heart of everything Police Scotland does to keep people safe." 

    Personal Safety

    • On the Move

      On the Move

      Your chances of encountering crime whilst travelling are low, however you can take still take some simple steps to stay safe whilst on the move.

    • Substance Misuse

      Drugs, New Psychoactive Substances and Solvents can be very dangerous to your health and can kill - find out how to keep safe.

    • Keep Safe Places

      Keep Safe is an award winning initiative developed in partnership with Police Scotland and I Am Me Scotland.

    Advice for Victims of Crime

    • We Can Stop It 

      Sexual Crime

      Our priority is you. We want to know that you are safe and well and do not require immediate medical attention and are not in any immediate danger.

    • Human Trafficking

      Human Trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings, both adults and children, for the purpose of commercial exploitation.

    • Help for Victims of Sexual Crime

      We are committed to bringing your attacker to justice and can protect you if you are still in danger.  Make sure you talk to us.

    • Safety Online

      Follow these simple steps to make sure your child surfs safely online and avoids some of the internet's potential dangers.

    • Domestic Abuse

      Click here to access information on reporting and other sources of help

    Home and Personal Property

    • Secure Your Home

      Find out how even simple steps can help protect your home from intruders.

    • Secure Your Car

      Look at our advice about how to protect your car from being stolen or broken into.

    Counter Terrorism and S.O.C.

    • Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack

      Attacks in the UK and abroad remind us all of the terrorist threat we face, which in the UK is considered as ‘CRITICAL’.

    • Serious Organised Crime

      Organised crime covers a wide range of activities and individuals involved in areas such as Class A drug trafficking, organised immigration crime and fraud.

    Children and Young People

    • Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme

      Keeping Children Safe is a process that allows any member of the public to make an application to Police Scotland if they have concerns about a person's access to a child.

    Keep Secure Online