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Filming Requests

Information on how to make filming requests to Police Scotland.


Police Scotland receives numerous requests from broadcasters, media organisations and production companies who want us to feature in their programmes, series and/or documentaries.

Information on how to make filming requests to Police Scotland.

Facilitating film crews can require significant resources. It is also important that police officers and staff are able to carry out their duties without disruption.

Requests for access range from long-term documentary proposals, interview requests with police officers, requests to accompany officers on operational activity or research / background discussion on specific cases for factual or drama programmes.

We recognise that a television documentary can inform, educate and put into context the work of the police and there may be occasions when, after consideration, we will agree to take part in all or some of a documentary. We also reserve the right to decline to take part.

All requests will be considered against the principles of policing purpose and public interest as well as their potential impact on operational policing delivery. In considering your request, we will consult and liaise with the relevant department or unit as appropriate.


If you wish to submit a filming request to Police Scotland, you must complete an initial information form.


Your request will be acknowledged when received and you will be contacted by the Corporate Communications department once it has been considered.

The following programme types are exempt from the submission process detailed above. These will continue to be dealt with as media enquiries to the relevant press office:

  • News programmes,
  • Crime appeals,
  • Other media facilities e.g. press conference, events.

All companies engaged in filming activity with Police Scotland will be required to sign a non-negotiable document outlining terms and conditions if the proposal is approved. 

This is not designed to give Police Scotland editorial control, but it is important for a variety of reasons including indemnity.

For non-Police Scotland related filming, e.g. filming which requires road closures, use of police property or requires the presence of police officers, please refer to the Organising an event section of the webpage.