Police Scotland and SPA Staff Pay and Reward Modernisation

SPA/PS will be using a tailored version of the 3rd Edition of the Scottish Joint Council’s (SJC) Job Evaluation Scheme as the basis for the development of a new grading and pay structure for all Police Staff.

The SJC JE Scheme has been tailored to reflect the culture and values of SPA/PS, and the Scheme has been developed to ensure that the full range of unique demands of the SPA/PS workforce can be evaluated; and where possible to capture the terminology and discrete nature of the national organisation. The Scheme, and any updates to application or content of the Scheme have been discussed and agreed in a Joint Working Group with the recognised Trades Unions, whilst the core structure in terms of the analytical framework of the Scheme has been maintained. The Joint Working Group were supported by their independent technical adviser who also advised the SJC Joint Technical Working Group on the development of the 3rd Edition of the SJC JE Scheme.

This Practice Manual provides information on:

  • the principles of job evaluation which must be maintained throughout the process to ensure the integrity, robustness and acceptability of the scheme
  • The 13 factor framework of the JE Scheme, which includes the SPA/PS application of the level definitions and guidance for each factor within the Scheme
  • an JE Appeals Procedure – based on the ACAS Code – subject to agreement with the Trades Unions

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