Important Information regarding Freedom of Information Requests

Police Scotland will publish information disclosed as a result of Freedom of Information (FOI) enquiries. A disclosure is public information and is available to anyone. A disclosure is not subject to restrictions or conditions placed on it by the applicant, nor restricted to or for a purpose solely for the benefit of the applicant.

Applicants should be aware that one of the disclosure exemptions in FOI covers information concerning the personal data of the applicant themselves. This does not mean that you cannot get information which is your own personal data, but that you should apply for it under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), which protects your right to privacy, unlike FOI.

Broadly speaking, the purpose of the DPA is to regulate the way in which information about living individuals is used, largely with a view to protecting personal privacy. It gives individuals the right to access personal information which is held about them.

If you require disclosure of your own personal information then please refer to the guidance provided elsewhere in relation to Data Protection.