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User Experience Surveys

What is the User Experience Survey?

Every month, Police Scotland contact a number of individuals who have either reported or witnessed a minor crime. This survey is carried out on behalf of Police Scotland by the research agency, Progressive Partnership Ltd.


Why have I been contacted?

If you’ve been contacted by Progressive Ltd, it’s because you’ve recently contacted Police Scotland.

These surveys have previously been conducted over the phone. In the past, Progressive Ltd would have called you to ask about your experience of engaging with Police Scotland. Due to government guidance, Progressive Ltd has closed their offices, meaning they cannot currently conduct phone interviews. Instead, we have decided to contact individuals by SMS to complete an online survey.


Why is this survey conducted & what information do Police Scotland have?

The survey is conducted to help us understand the experiences of the people who have contacted Police Scotland. We use the survey to make sure we’re supporting communities as best we can.

No personal information is reported back to Police Scotland and we cannot identify individuals from their responses to the survey. The answers you give in the survey will be combined with answers from other people who have taken part to give overall survey findings. No one will be able to identify you individually from the data.

Our reporting, surveying and data collection is compliant with GDPR and data information laws.


What if I don’t want to complete the survey?

We thoroughly appreciate everyone who takes the time to respond to the User Experience Survey. It helps us continually improve our service.

However, the survey is voluntary and you can choose to opt out of communications at any time.


What if I want more information?

If you require more information on the User Experience Survey you can contact us via email.

If you’d like to contact Police Scotland for any other reason, please visit Police Scotland’s “Contact Us” page.

If you’d like to make a complaint, please visit this page.