Giving advice about safety, we will:

• Listen to you about the things that concern you and make sure we offer advice on things that are important to you e.g. substance misuse (including alcohol), online safety and bullying;

• Do this with you in a way that meets your needs without frightening you but still makes sure you know the things that will help keep you safe;

• Make sure that any advice we offer is aimed at your age and level of understanding;

• Work with your schools and colleges to offer advice that meets your needs;

• Try to keep you informed in the best way possible about how to keep safe in your community.

Police Scotland will continue to deliver Choices for Life through community events, an interactive video resource and “pop up” road shows throughout the year across Scotland. With partners we will continue to develop our approach to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) both through Choices for Life and a Festival Campaign.

Police Scotland is committed to challenging violence. This is vitally important in relation to children and young people. We are working hard with our partners to change attitudes and help you make positive choices through initiatives such as No Knives, Better Lives.

Police Scotland will continue to provide advice to young drivers and those of pre driving age on road safety. Young drivers are much more likely to be involved in an accident than older drivers. 17-25 year olds account for 10% of licence holders, but over 20% of the accidents.

Police Scotland will continue to work with relevant partner agencies to support peer mentoring initiatives. Peer mentoring empowers young people and provides an opportunity to be positive role models for younger children. Such initiatives can support children and deliver important messages to help keep them safe, both in their communities or in the cyber world.