If a complaint or a concern has been raised by someone about your behaviour, we will:

  • Treat you fairly and make sure that you understand your rights;
  • Explain to you what we are investigating and why;
  • Listen to what you have to say about what happened and why;
  • If we confirm that you have done something wrong, work with you to help you understand the hurt and harm caused by your actions;
  • Where we think it will help you, work with partners in your community to provide you with any support you need as part of the Whole System Approach (WSA);

When something serious is reported, ensure that we treat the investigation as a priority and submit our report as quickly as possible. We will work with our partners to ensure you receive any support you may need.

Police Scotland is committed to respond effectively and proportionately to offending by children and young people. We will continue to work with partners both nationally and locally to develop a preventative approach in response to antisocial behaviour, support early and effective intervention when children offend, and reduce re offending.

Police Scotland will continue to work with partners both nationally and locally to deliver the WSA. This includes developing our approach to 16 and 17 year olds when they offend and ensuring that we respond effectively on those rare occasions when a child commits a serious offence.

Police Scotland will continue to work with partners nationally to ensure we collectively move towards performance measures which are outcome focused and centre on the needs of the child. We will take this forward through our Youth Justice Improvement Board and in line with the Scottish Government Strategy, Preventing offending - Getting it right for children and young people.