Cyber Kiosks

Cyber kiosks are desktop computers containing specialist software, enabling trained police officers to view information stored on a mobile phone or tablet, which may be relevant to a police investigation or incident. 

The early identification of evidence on a device can significantly enhance our ability to protect vulnerable people by providing investigating officers with lines of enquiry they can follow, quicker than current processes allow.

There will be 41 cyber kiosks located within existing Police Scotland buildings throughout Scotland and they will be operated by specially trained police officers or cybercrime staff who have completed and passed cyber kiosk training.

Cyber kiosks allow for a targeted search to be conducted on a device using specific criteria such as:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Telephone number

They can also allow for a search within particular areas of a device like text messages or photographs.

If evidence is identified on a device, it will be submitted to a Digital Forensics Hub for further examination and preparation for court.  If it does not, we may be able to return the device to its owner.

The examination process allows the trained operator to view information stored within the device, however all information is securely deleted from the cyber kiosk at the end of each examination. 

For more information on cyber kiosks and Police Scotland’s intended use, please view the documents on this page:

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