Most people now own and use a digital device, in most cases a mobile phone, with many using significant amounts of data and multiple applications. An increasing amount of crime is now committed online or has a significant digital footprint. Even those crimes committed in the physical world, increasingly have some form of digital evidence. This provides modern policing with a challenge; to balance its duty to protect the public whilst respecting the privacy rights of citizens in an increasingly digital environment.

In order to ensure Police Scotland protects the communities of Scotland, it requires to continually enhance its capability to keep up with changes in everyday technology, which continues to evolve.

Police Scotland’s Cybercrime Investigations and Digital Forensics departments, have national coverage and provides expertise and specialist support to Local Policing and other departments. This includes technical assistance in the examination and analysis of digital devices.

Both departments provide specialist support for National Online Child Abuse Protection (NOCAP) investigations, work closely with our Internet Investigations Unit (IIU) and support the Safer Communities department in delivery of safety, prevention and resilience advice to the public.

Digital Device Examination Documents

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