Safety Camera Unit

Safety Cameras Scotland is supported by the Scottish Safety Camera Programme and Police Scotland and operates speed and red-light cameras across Scotland. 

It is divided into three Safety Camera Units; the North, East and West who each manage their respective areas. The cameras used are a combination of fixed, mobile, average speed and red light camera sites across Scotland.

Safety Cameras Scotland works on the principle of highly visible deterrence to speeding or red light running where there has been a history of personal injury and collisions associated with these road safety issues. 

Speed management is a major part of the UK's road safety strategy, with safety cameras being one tool that is being used to bring about a reduction in road casualties.

Safety Cameras Scotland operates under the rules and guidelines of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme, an evidence-based personal injury crash/casualty reduction initiative. Its requirements include site selection criteria and clear visibility of all enforcement equipment and activity.

Safety cameras are funded by annual grant from the Scottish Government and there is no financial link with the number of offenders recorded, nor do any of the Safety Camera Unit’s receive any money from fines arising from camera-detected offences (which are processed through the courts in the same way as other offences). 

For more information please visit: 

The Scottish Safety Camera Programme website and the Safety Cameras Scotland website.

Or follow Safety Cameras Scotland on Twitter @safetycamscot.

Data in relation to the A77 and A9 average speed cameras and roadwork enforcement can be found on the Safety Cameras Scotland website.