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ACC Campbell

Assistant Chief Constable - Organised Crime Counter Terrorism and Intelligence

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Pat Campbell is the executive lead for Organised Crime, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence.

T/ACC Campbell's portfolio consists of the following business areas:

  • Organised Crime
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Border Policing
  • Intelligence Support
  • Specialist Crime Support including International Unit
  • Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics

He is also the Senior Responsible Officer for the Cyber Programme, Technical Surveillance Programme and the Automatic Number Plate Recognition Programme.

T/ACC Campbell joined Strathclyde Police in 1995. He was a Detective Superintendent working within Public Protection and Divisional Crime in Edinburgh when Police Scotland was created.

In August 2018 he was promoted to Detective Chief Superintendent and appointed strategic lead for Specialist Crime Support.

In December 2020, he was appointed Temporary ACC for Organised Crime, Counter Terrorism, and Intelligence.




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