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Our purpose, focus and values

Our Purpose: To improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities in Scotland

Our Focus: Keeping People Safe

Our Values: Integrity, Fairness and Respect

The Code of Ethics for policing in Scotland sets out what the public can expect from us and encompasses the values of the organisation - integrity, fairness and respect - as well as our commitment to protecting human rights, anchoring our obligations under the Police Fire and Reform Act 2012.

  • How we deliver policing has a direct impact on our communities and will influence the trust and confidence people have in us. How we deliver is as important as what we deliver.
  • The Code of Ethics outlines how we will keep people safe.  It sets out the standards of behaviour that our communities can expect from us and that police officers and police staff should expect from each other.
  • By following the Code of Ethics we will ensure we deliver the best possible service to our communities and each other.
  • Police Scotland exists to keep people safe.  We do this with integrity, fairness and respect, and by upholding fundamental human rights, to make sure that everyone we come into contact can trust and support the service we provide.