Pedlar's Licence

The Pedlars Act of 1871 allows for the chief officer of the area where the licence has been applied for, to grant a Pedlar's Certificate when an application is made.  A Pedlar's Certificate lasts for one year and entitles the holder to act as a Pedlar anywhere within the UK.

A Pedlar is someone who trades as they travel, as distinct from someone who merely travels to trade, for example a person who sells from a portable stand in a street could not claim to be a Pedlar. Pedlars must carry their goods, continually moving from area to area.  A Pedlar must not regularly trade at the same pitch or set out goods on a stall or pitch.

To be eligible for a Pedlar's Certificate you must have lived in the area in which you are applying for the certificate for at least one month before applying, be over 17 years of age, be a person of good character and in good faith intend to carry on the trade of a Pedlar. 

Questions about how to apply can be made by calling the non-emergency number, 101 or by calling into your local police station.

The fee to apply is £12.25.  Once the application is received, we will carry out checks to ensure that you are suitable to be granted a Certificate.