Staff Survey Results

In Spring 2015 the first ever SPA/Police Scotland opinion survey was commissioned to determine officer and staff opinion. All 23,438 Police Officers, Staff and Special Constables were invited to participate in the Survey, either online or using a paper based questionnaire.

A total of 11,796 people responded to the SPA/Police Scotland’s first ever opinion survey (a response rate of 50.4%). This is significantly higher than the response rates achieved by other very large organisations who, similar to SPA/Police Scotland have a dispersed workforce, the majority of whom are not office based.

The responses given to the questions in the Survey were relatively consistent, showing similarities of opinions by age and gender and, for the most part, ethnic group. Whilst there were some differences of views between Police Officers and SPA/Police Staff, the main differences in opinion related to where the respondent worked, their length of service and line management responsibility.

Ask the Dep

Our staff survey told us we need to engage better with our staff, listen to their views and take actions where we can. The Ask the Dep was created as part of that culture, to foster better engagement and respond to staff ideas and questions around our budget. We are committed to finding better ways to engage and act on what emerges to allow us to build an ethos of continuous improvement across the service.

Exit Survey

The Exit Survey, set up in consultation with SPA, unions and staff associations, is part of the culture to foster better engagement and learn why staff are leaving the organisation so we can we learn and improve. Our aim is to create an organisation that people aspire to be part of and the exit survey results will help towards achieving that.

Whilst legacy Forces had a variety of different methods of collecting information from leavers the Exit Survey launched in July 2016 is the first time that Police Scotland has collected this data. Despite turnover being well below public sector averages the valuable information gathered from the Exit Survey can help to inform new policies and procedures that impact on our people.

Solutions to address the some of the issues raised in the survey have already started such as Personal Development Conversations, Maternity / Paternity leave improvements and arrangements for annual leave, minimising shift changes and flexible working arrangements. Data from the survey will be continue to be analysed and acted on to further improve the employment offer from Police Scotland.

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