The decisions that Police Scotland make can have wide ranging effects on our communities therefore it's essential we do our homework and make the most informed decisions that we can.

We consult with a wide range of partner agencies, our communities, the Scottish Police Authority, the Force Executive, our police officers, our staff and their staff associations whenever possible to ensure we consider the bigger picture before making a corporate decision.

However, it's important to ensure that the decisions we make are effective and that they have the outcome we hope to achieve so it's hugely significant that we carry out further consultation and quality of service surveys. In that way, we can give our decisions a health check and make any adjustments that may be necessary.

It's also right and proper that our decisions are subject to external review and with this in mind, there are a number of independent agencies that regularly review the decisions we make and how we police our communities.

It's crucial that you, the members of our communities, tell us what you think because when it comes to decision making, your thoughts about how we police your communities will always have the highest priority.

Scottish Police Authority public board meetings

The Scottish Police Authority is responsible for maintaining policing, promoting policing principles, continuous improvement of policing and holding the Chief Constable to account.

Details of public board meetings are available on the SPA website.


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