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FAQs - General

General FAQs relating to coronavirus.

Click here to view all coronavirus FAQs.

The Scottish Government has lots of information about the measures on its website, including a set of frequently asked questions.


How do I contact the police?

In an emergency always dial 999 or call 101 for policing matters. Please do not call 101 or 999 for guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19). Misuse of 101 and 999 could cost lives. The latest guidance on COVID-19 is available from the Scottish Government and NHS inform.

The Contact Us page on the Police Scotland website also has details on how you can contact us, including access to online reporting methods for certain crime types. We would ask you to consider these options, where appropriate, to help us manage demand to our 101 service.


What do I do if I am self-isolating but need the police?

You can report a policing matter in the usual way through 101 or 999 but you should indicate if you, or anyone in your household, is self-isolating in order to manage the risk to officers and staff who may attend.


Who should I contact if I have symptoms or suspect that somebody else has symptoms?

The NHS is the first point of contact for anyone suffering from COVID-19 and in need of urgent care. For the latest guidance visit The Scottish Government and NHS inform websites.


Will you be limiting other policing services?

We are committed to making sure that every one of Scotland’s citizens is looked after and protected during these challenging times. In order to keep people safe, including members of the public, officers and staff, we have changed some of the ways we respond to calls and conduct investigations. This is to minimise contact and reduce risk during this unprecedented pandemic.

In some cases, after rigorous assessment of a crime or incident report through our contact centres, officers will engage by phone or email where appropriate to avoid unnecessary contact and risk to the public and to ensure everyone gets the right response.

As a frontline emergency service, Police Scotland has a critical role in daily life. If the physical presence of the police is required then we will attend. Our response to serious crime investigations will remain rigorous and robust, even although some of the ways in which we engage with people will change where necessary to keep everyone safe.


Are your front counters still open?

Police station opening hours are listed on the Contact Us section of our website. Appropriate measures are being taken at our facilities in line with the current guidance on social distancing.


I have received a Conditional Offer from the Safety Camera Unit that is required to be paid at court and cannot be paid online. How can I pay my fine?

Where it is not possible to attend a local court due to closures, then please make a payment by cheque or postal order and mail this along with your driving licence to the address on your letter.

If you are unable to do this then go to the Safety Cameras Scotland website and complete the online form detailing the issue and ensuring to select the correct originating office from the drop down menu (address at top of letter). If you have not received a response to your enquiry from the Safety Camera Unit within the following 28 days, then no further action will be taken on the matter.


I have received a letter regarding an alleged speeding offence and have a question. Where should I direct my question?

If the enquiry relates to a request for information from the Safety Camera Unit then please either respond by post to the office concerned or alternatively go to the Safety Cameras Scotland website and complete the online form where you can provide your response or detail your question within the message field. Please ensure you select the originating office from the drop down menu (address at top of letter).

If necessary the Safety Camera Unit will contact you should anything further be required. If you do not receive a response to your enquiry within the following 28 days then no further action is needed.


Are you expecting a rise in certain crimes?

There is a potential for a rise in certain crime types as a result of the measures implemented to manage the coronavirus outbreak including domestic abuse, cyber-crime and doorstep crime. Please follow the links for further guidance.


How should people protect themselves from scammers using the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity?

Our Shut Out Scammers campaign provides advice and guidance for members of the public in relation to fraudsters. If you think you have been a victim of a scam please follow the advice on our web page and contact the police.


How can I report a business that is open but isn't observing social distancing?

All businesses not required to close must take all reasonable steps to ensure social distancing measures are complied with. You should contact your local authority directly to raise any concerns.


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