Area Commander

Chief Inspector Gavin Russell is the Area Commander for Monklands and is responsible for response policing, performance management and the daily management of personnel.  He is supported by Inspector Steven Miller and Inspector Louise Brownlie who have responsibility for community engagement and partnership working.  Both Gavin and Louise are based at Coatbridge Police Office.  Steven is based at Airdrie Police Office.

Monklands Area Command

Airdrie Central includes the districts of Whinhall, Burnfoot, Rawyards, Clarkston, Gartlea, Cairnhill, Coatdyke and Airdrie Town Centre.  The town of Airdrie is about 12 miles east of Glasgow city centre.  The area has recently had a new road scheme introduced and refurbishing of town centre pedestrianised areas.

Airdrie North includes the districts of Thrashbush, Holehills, Rochsoles, the Rushes and the villages of Glenmavis, Greengairs, Upperton, Lonriggend, Stand, Plains and Caldercruix.  Airdrie is largely a commuter town with many residents working in nearby Glasgow. There are a number of new housing complexes in the area.

Airdrie South includes the districts of Craigneuk and Petersburn, the town of Chapelhall and the villages of Calderbank and Gartness.  Airdrie is located east of Glasgow city centre and is part of the Greater Glasgow urban area.  It hosts first division football club Airdrie United, a large golf course and a range of other facilities.

This team covers the north part of Coatbridge and includes Glenboig.  Coatbridge is about 10 miles east of Glasgow.  It is home to Summerlee Heritage Park which models life in the industrial era.  The park contains a working tram line and a real coal mine.  One of the world’s oldest railway lines ran just to the east of Glenboig village.  Coatbridge is also home to second division football team Albion Rovers.

Coatbridge South contains a number of residential areas.  Coatbridge is about 10 miles east of Glasgow and is part of the Greater Glasgow urban area.  Like many Lanarkshire towns it has a history of mining and industry. The town also has historical links with Ireland and hosts a number of Irish themed events.

Coatbridge West includes a number of residential areas and Drumpellier Country Park, which is situated on the site of an iron age crannog. The Monkland Canal runs through the park.

Your Priorities

  1. Antisocial Behaviour and Hate Crime
  2. Violent Crime
  3. Serious Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism
  4. Road Policing
  5. Public Confidence & Local Engagement
  6. Housebreaking and Other Thefts

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