Celtic vs Paris St Germain - Travel and safety advice

Published 11 September 2017

Officers from Police Scotland are urging supporters attending the upcoming Champions League qualifier between Celtic and Paris St Germain to plan their travel and be aware of the policing operation which will be in place.

It is anticipated that around 58,000 people will be attending Celtic Park on Tuesday evening, and police are asking those attending to plan their travel in advance and leave plenty of time to get to the stadium for kick off.

Superintendent Mark Hargreaves, Match Commander, said, "Public safety is always paramount for events like football matches, and we have a full policing plan in place to ensure that supporters get to and from the stadium safely. We are well versed in policing these types of events. The overall policing plan will include additional security measures in and around the stadium, such as road closures. Please be patient as it might take a little more time than usual to get through the turnstiles.

"Therefore I would ask anyone who is attending to ensure they get there early - plan your travel in advance. As it is such a crucial fixture for both teams, no supporters from either side would want to miss the kick off. I would like to emphasise that the security measures, which includes the presence of armed officers, are not in response to any particular threat as there is no intelligence to suggest that - similar measures have been introduced across a number of stadiums and are being used at Ibrox and Hampden.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to remind those attending to be aware of restrictions on what you can bring into the stadium. Additionally, anyone intent in causing disorder or hate crime can be expect to be arrested by police."

Please comply with all safety and security arrangements relating to Celtic Park stadium as it is an offence to:

  • Use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or to display written material likely to stir up hate crimes.
  • Enter the sports ground if you are in possession of any pyrotechnic device including flares, fireworks, pellets etc (matches/cigarette lighters are not included).
  • Attempt to enter the sports ground with a controlled container (any bottle, can or other portable container whether open or sealed) or alcohol either prior to, during or after the game. This is also the case inside the arena or in the surrounding area.
  • Be drunk within or to attempt to enter a sports stadium or surrounding area whilst drunk.
  • Be in possession of alcohol or be drunk aboard a coach or mini-bus taking you to a sporting event. The driver, keeper, employee or person hiring the vehicle on which alcohol is being carried also commits an offence. Please not that police checks will be carried out on buses and mini buses travelling to the game.
  • Drink alcohol or be in possession of an open container which contains alcohol in a public place.
  • Please be aware that if you commit any of these offences you will be arrested and held in custody for court which may involve missing your journey home. Why risk it?
  • Please ensure that your match ticket is for seating allocated to the relevant side as you may be removed if you are in the wrong seat.

Contact Details

Call 101 for non-emergencies and general enquiries, in an emergency call 999. If you have information about a crime you can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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