County Grand Lodge Parades - Glasgow and Lanarkshire

Published 04 July 2013

Police Scotland is warning people planning to attend the annual Orange Order Parades in Glasgow and Lanarkshire on Saturday 6 July 2013 to leave the booze and bad behaviour behind.

With up to 20,000 marchers, followers and spectators expected to descend on Glasgow City Centre and Coatbridge for the annual Boyne parades, officers will target the minority of people who come along and watch this event intent on drinking to excess and causing disorder.

Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson, the officer overseeing the policing operation for both events, said today:

“Saturday will see two of the largest events in the Orange Order calendar take place within the West of Scotland.  In total, around 125 parades will join with two main parades in Glasgow and Lanarkshire, and involve up to 20,000 people.

“My priority is to make sure all the events pass off peacefully whilst ensuring the safety of those taking part, the general public and officers.

“With the Orange Order’s trained stewards accompanying the parades, officers will be freed up to concentrate on the unwelcome minority who follow the parade and use it as an excuse to drink to excess and behave appallingly; totally undermining all the positive work carried out by the Order and its members.

“Our message is clear; by all means come to support the parade but behave and be respectful. 

“As always, anti-sectarian behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone committing any form of hate crime including name calling or making offensive gestures or people who commit acts of violence, will be arrested.

“As most people should be aware by now, drinking in public is banned; don’t risk it as officers will seize it from you and you will be given a fixed penalty notice for street drinking.”

Mr Henry Dunbar, Grand Master of the Orange Order said:

“We are delighted that the good working relationship we had with many of the individual Police forces has continued with the formation of Police Scotland. We are working well together to ensure that our parades run smoothly. The new training regime for stewards that we organise in partnership with the police now means that we have over 2,000 of our own trained stewards for our events.

“As we look ahead to the main summer parades this year, we once again call upon every member of the Orange Order to enjoy the day with the utmost decorum. Our parades are a celebration of our heritage, not an excuse for anyone to criticise anyone else's faith or beliefs. I also have a message to the members of the public who are not members of the Order but choose to come along and support our parades: you are welcome, but please enjoy the music, colour and excitement of the march responsibly - alcohol on the streets is not permitted or wanted.”

ACC Mawson concluded:

“Disruption to traffic is unfortunately inevitable, therefore I would ask people to be mindful of this and to make extra time for their journey, or avoid the area if possible. Any road closures or local diversions will be signposted.”

Details of the parade routes can be found via the following links:

Glasgow City Council:

North Lanarkshire Council:

South Lanarkshire Council:


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