We Can Stop It 2017 red

We Can Stop It

The We Can Stop It campaign has been in existence since 2011 with focus on the issue of sexual consent and targeting perpetrators of rape.

In 2015 the campaign underwent a creative 'Green Light' refresh and heavily used digital advertising channels, washroom vinyls, cinemas and social media to get the message across.

Supporting the 'We Can Stop It ' microsite was an uncompromising and hard hitting, post watershed TV advert, which is shareable via social and digital media and can be viewed below.

New phase of the campaign

The newest phase of the campaign targets the same audience (young men aged between 16 and 27) over a 4 week period from Wednesday 22 February. 

The aim is again to raise awareness of the issue of rape to prevent sexual offences and raise the profile of what Police Scotland and it's partners are doing to stop rape.

Whilst there is an educational message to potential perpetrators regarding what rape is and how they can help stop it, there is also a message to victims that Police Scotland is dedicated to investigating sexual violence and there is support available to those affected.

For more information visit the We Can Stop It website.