Safe Summer 2017

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School's out, the lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us, and all over Scotland, people are unwinding in the sunshine (between intermittent periods of breaking out the anoraks and wellies). Lawnmowers and BBQs are being fired up, youths are enjoying the weeks of freedom between terms, and parents are trying to keep the wee ones entertained.

We at Police Scotland salute the sun-worshipers of our great nation, and want you all to have a safe and sunburn free few months. Unfortunately, the hot weather mixed with a rise in alcohol consumption can lead to anti-social behaviour.

This is why we've launched Operation Myriad, a three-month national campaign which will tackle alcohol-related violence, offensive weapons and disorder & anti-social behaviour, and which will be delivered by local police divisions, targeting hot spots specific to their local violence profile.

The Safe Summer campaign was launched by Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams. He said, “Tackling violent crime and disorder is a priority for us and Operation Myriad is a great example of the local work being undertaking to tackle this issue.

“Whilst overall violent crime continues to drop across the country, we have seen increases in some specific crime types such as murder, serious assault and robbery. Violent crime has a substantial economic and social cost to Scotland’s communities and it is really clear that the over consumption of alcohol is a major factor.

Safe Summer alcohol haul

Local crime analysis indicates that alcohol is a factor in over half of all violent incidents we deal with and whilst understanding the root causes of violence is complex this clear link is very concerning. Over the summer ahead local officers will be working closely with the licensed trade to implement measures that can reduce violence such as 'Best Bar None' staff training, or education and diversionary work with young people on the triggers and consequences of violence.

“This work will complement the range of operations carried out by divisions to target violence that is specific to them at a local level."

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Click the following links to access information and advice on the types of incidents Operation Myriad is aimed at reducing.

Knife Crime

Carrying weapons in any public place, including at Summer festivals is an offence and anyone found in possession of an offensive weapons could face arrest. Knife crime can affect anyone and innocent bystanders can get caught in the middle of other people’s disputes and suffer trauma, serious injuries or worse.


Although violent crime continues to drop across the country, the force has seen increases in serious and common assaults and robberies, and tackling violent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour is a priority for Police Scotland.


Overindulgence in alcohol can impact on your behaviour, your mind and your self-control. Drinking too much can make you vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime as well as getting involved in altercations which can ruin two lives. Know your alcohol limits, alcohol will make you more vulnerable to theft, assault and sexual assaults. Drink plenty of water and stay with friends, never leave a drink unattended and don’t mix alcohol with illegal substances.


Whatever your view is on drugs, they can be very dangerous to your health and CAN KILL. The advice of Police Scotland is straightforward – DON’T TAKE DRUGS. There is no ‘safe’ way to take drugs – there is always a risk, and the only way of staying safe is to avoid drugs altogether.