Probationary training lasts for two years. It is very intensive and individual progress is carefully monitored.

Training is undertaken at Police Scotland Training and Recruitment Centres, the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan, and at your Division. As you gain experience, we will be looking to identify any gaps in your knowledge and performance as well as any special aptitudes you have.

The Scottish Police College is a unique and highly disciplined environment - somewhere that will test you academically and physically. You will be representing Police Scotland and are expected to conduct yourself at all times in a professional and positive manner.

Probationer training is in modular format, delivered over two years across the training establishment. 

Module 1 – 11 week course at Police Scotland College - Tulliallan
Probationers are given training in legislation, officer safety, SPELS and physical education.  The course is divided into six units relating to:

Police and the Community
General Police Duties
Road Policing
Writing Skills

Probationers are assessed by way of formal examinations and practical exercises.  On conclusion of the course, there is a written exam.  Failure to achieve in this exam means that the probationer will be subject to Regulation 9 of the Police Service of Scotland Regulations 2013.  Probationers must also pass two mandatory fitness tests, which are also subject to Regulation 9.

Module 2 – Divisional Training
Probationers are provided with IT training and training pertinent to their local division.  This lasts between 5-7 days.

Module 3 – Operational Phase
Probationers are deployed operationally with a tutor constable, and their performance is assessed and managed by their tutor and sergeant.  Probationers record significant pieces of work within their Evidence Portfolio which will form the basis of later assessment.  During this time, probationers will also complete their Online Distance Learning (ODL) packages.

Module 4 – Assessment
Probationers attend at divisional training establishments on three occasions for assessment and further training.  All assessments are subject to Regulation 9.

Week 44 – Mandatory fitness test and oral exam
Week 60 – Mandatory fitness test and ODL exam
Week 92 – Mandatory fitness test, confirmation exam and Operational Module Assessed Debrief OMAD).
The OMAD consists of structured interviews relating to the evidence contained within their Evidence Portfolio.

Training will continue to be a vital aspect of your work and courses are run both locally and at the Scottish Police College, during which you will be continually assessed and counselled in relation to your performance.

You will be expected to address any gaps in your performance quickly and consistently. Failure to meet our standards could mean that you risk losing your future as a police officer with Police Scotland.