Police Officers

Rewards and Benefits

What do you receive in return for making our communities safer?

Salary scales per annum (described below) relate to constables and are with effect from 1 December 2018.

 On Appointment to the Service £26,037
 On Completion of 1 year Service £28,392
 On Completion of 2 years Service £30,747
 Rising by Annual Increments after 10 years to: £40,878

You will be entitled to automatic entry to the contributory police pension scheme. This is a career average pension which will be achieved at the usual retiral age of 60. If you presently have a pension it may be possible to transfer it into the police scheme. Further information can be found on the following website –

Leave entitlement

Initial leave entitlement of 28 days on appointment, which will increase to 31 days at 2 years service. In addition, officers are entitled to 2 days statutory public holidays. Holiday entitlement increases with length of service.

Health and Wellbeing

Police Scotland provides access to the following services:

  • Occupational Health
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Police treatment centres

Work-Life Balance

Below are a number of the current provisions that Police Scotland have in place for all Police Officers. These are set out in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

  • Adoption, Maternity and Paternity Leave SOP
  • Shared Parental Leave SOP (for the first year after a child is born)
  • Special Leave SOP (which covers both paid and unpaid leave for family emergencies)
  • Parental Leave SOP (covers 18 weeks unpaid statutory leave during the first 18 years of each of your children’s life)
  • Career Breaks SOP (process for taking unpaid time off for up to five years)
  • Flexible Working SOP (including part time working and full time compressed hours)
  • Childcare Voucher Scheme

Uniform and Equipment

Uniform and equipment are provided free, however you will be required to purchase your own footwear.

Scottish Police Credit Union

Financial assistance is available from the Scottish Police Credit Union in the form of one of two interest free loan offers available to newly appointed officers – this is either in the form of a Standard Welcome Loan of £200 to cover expenses such as travel costs or an essential kit loan of £150 to allow you to purchase everything you need for your first day at the Scottish Police College. The term of the loan is 6 months and payments will be deducted from your first available pay from Police Scotland. Further information regarded these loans is available from the Recruiting Department.

Scottish Police Federation

The Scottish Police Federation,, represents the interests of police officers in respect of pay, conditions of service and other related matters. You should be aware that you must give up any trade union membership on appointment. As a member you will be entitled to access reduced insurance premiums and other discounts.

Diversity Staff Associations

Police Scotland has relationships with a number of Diversity Staff Associations including.

CEEPA (Central and Eastern European Police Association)

CPA (Christian Police Association)

DACA (Disability and Carers Association)

Scottish LGBTI Police Association

Gypsy Roma Traveller's Police Association

NTPA (National Trans Police Association)

SPMA (Scottish Police Muslim Association)

SWDF (Scottish Women’s Development Forum)

SEMPER (Supporting Ethnic Minority Police Staff for Equality in Race)