The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme

The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme is an information sharing process that allows any member of the public to make an application to Police Scotland if they have a concern about a person’s access to a child.

Any disclosure will only be made to the parent, guardian or carer of that child.

The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme does NOT change how Police Scotland will deal with child protection incidents, which will continue to be dealt with as a matter of operational priority.

If you have urgent concerns that a child is at significant risk of harm then please telephone 999. Disclosure will only take place after careful consideration and where children are deemed to be at risk. The scheme is not about disclosing general information on sex offenders.

How to make an application

Call Police Scotland on 101 and state that your call is in relation to Keeping Children Safe/The Sex Offender Community Disclosure Scheme.

On receipt of your call, you will be transferred to a police officer who will discuss your concerns. This number is available 24 hours a day.