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Children travelling in cars

For any journey in a car, the law requires that drivers must make sure children under 14 years of age are properly restrained.  Younger children should always be placed in an appropriate child car seat.

According to legislation passed in September 2006, the following laws apply (with very few exceptions):

Road Safety Character - Adult with Baby in Car Seat

Children under three must be in an appropriate child restraint in the front and back. If there are no seatbelts in the vehicle to which a restraint can be fixed, the child cannot travel in the vehicle.

Children aged 11 and younger, or under 135cm in height (4ft 5in) must use an appropriate child restraint in the front of the vehicle. They cannot just use the seatbelt. If there is a seatbelt in the back, to which a restraint can be fixed, the child must use an appropriate restraint. If there is no seatbelt in the back, the child can travel unrestrained.

Children aged 12 and 13, or younger children over 135cm in height must wear a seatbelt in the front and back of the vehicle, if fitted.

Rear-facing child seats can’t be used on seats where a front airbag is fitted.

Ensuring you have the appropriate child seat and/or restraints in your vehicle is very important.  For a complete guide to your child’s in car safety visit

For information on the law regarding child restraints visit: