Festival Safety

Festival Safety 2015

Summer has finally arrived in Scotland and with the warm weather, comes Scotland’s annual music festival experience. With a host of great festivals to choose from over the months of July and August, we want to ensure you have an enjoyable experience and stay safe while doing so.

The map below details some of the biggest festivals going on in Scotland this Summer, you can click on each pin for more information about that specific event.

Our Festival line-up kicks off at T in the Park from the 8th July at Strathallan Castle, the second year it's been away from Balado!

Next up is the Rewind Festival on the 22nd July at Scone Palace in Perth

Then it’s off to the Highlands for the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival on the 4th of August.

And we finish off with Glasgow Summer Sessions in Bellahouston Park on the 26th/27th of August.

Festival Safety

Festival Safety-gif2We want everyone to enjoy their festival experience and below we have outlined some advice for staying safe:


Alcohol can cloud your judgement and make you more vulnerable.
  • Drink responsibly.
  • Remember the reduced drink drive limit.

Drugs and New Psychoactive Substances

It would be a shame to buy your festival ticket and end up in hospital or arrested. Don’t take drugs or any other illicit substances, it isn’t safe and you can be arrested and charged if found in possession.
  • There is no ‘safe’ amount of drugs you can take or ‘safe’ way to take them
  • It doesn’t matter what drug or how little you have, you can still be arrested and charged
  • You can never be sure what is in any drug or New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) or how it will affect you
  • Taking any drug or NPS is dangerous in itself, the risk is heightened when you mix with alcohol or other subtances
  • If you have taken a substance and feel unwell then seek urgent medical assistance

Personal Safety

It’s important to stay safe at festivals, you will likely be in unfamiliar surroundings and you should know where the important locations are around you.
  • Stick with your mates and if you leave them, make sure they know where you’re going and how to find you
  • Stay alert – people under the influence are far easier targets for criminals
  • Don’t engage in any sexual activity with anyone who is unable to give their consent because they are drunk or under the influence of drugs. In Law, this is rape
  • Stick to the busy areas of the arena and campsite – don’t be drawn to secluded spots
  • Stay away from unsafe water areas (lakes, ponds, etc.), it can be very dangerous to people under the influence
  • Don’t let people into your tent that you don’t know

Lost Property, Theft & Fraud

It’s important to protect your valuables before setting off. People always lose their wallets/purses, phones, cameras, tablets, etc. at festivals. Don’t ruin the experience by being careless with your valuables.
  • Register your items on the National Mobile Property Register (immobilise.com); this gives you the best possible chance of being reunited with your items should you lose them
  • Only take what you need when travelling and don’t leave anything with your identity (passports, driving license, etc.) unattended when you get there
  • Beware of pickpockets, don’t flash your valuables and don’t carry more cash than you need to
  • Stay alert at cash machines

Antisocial Behaviour

Make sure you savour the festival experience by enjoying the music and atmosphere and not spending the weekend locked up.
  • Don’t bring weapons – it’s against the law and if you are found in possession of a weapon, you will be arrested
  • Don’t bring smoke canisters, pellets, flares, fireworks or other pyrotechnics
  • Be responsible, stay with your group and don’t place yourself or anybody else in danger when you’re having fun
  • Respect local residents and other festival goers

Be Prepared

Make sure to be preapre as much as possible for any unforseen situations that may arise. A little bit research and pre-planning can be of great help.
  • Follow directions of police, event security and stewards. Contact them if you need help
  • Bring a map of the site and keep it on you whilst there
  • Know where your pick up and drop off points are
  • Make sure you know the zone your tent is in
  • In Scotland all seasons can come in one day! Be prepared.

Online Safety

What goes online stays online – don’t leave yourself open to criminal charges or vulnerable to blackmail. 
  • Think carefully about what you’re saying and pictures you are posting on social networking sites.
  • Don't post anything online that you will regret. Keep your dignity.

Getting to and from the Venue

If you are driving, please leave plenty of time to get to your destination as the roads will be busy. Please also keep in mind that Scotland has introduced new drink drive limits and it isn’t safe to consume any alcohol before driving.
  • Plan your travel arrangements to and from the venue ahead of the event
  • Traffic will be heavy so leave enough time
  • Make sure you’ve got all your belongings when you set off and make sure they are with you when you leave
  • Don’t get into a car and travel home with people you’ve just met
  • If you’re driving home, make sure you’re not under the influence of alcohol


Don’t leave yourself open to fraud and loose out on your money or risk refusal. Always make checks before purchasing tickets.
  • Don't buy from touts.
  • Be careful and research throughly before making the purchase.
  • Check you tickets to make sure they are genuine.