Mailroom Security

The use of the postal system to deliver threatening or dangerous mail has increased but is still unlikely. It allows the perpetrator to remain anonymous. If a suspect package is found, the Emergency Co-ordinator should be advised immediately, along with Security.

Postal devices range from threatening letters to items containing contaminated articles (such as hypodermic needles, scalpels or paper soaked in harmful chemicals), to potentially lethal explosive devices.

They are designed to survive transportation through the postal system and then to function when opened by the intended victim. As these devices are improvised, their sensitivity and/or level of threat cannot be predicted.
Points to consider include:

  • History - have postal devices been received before?;
  • Threats - have threats of violence been made before?;
  • Activity - have staff, their families or the business become more prominent for any reason?

Police Scotland Mail Handling Advice: Police Scotland Mail Handling Advice