Business Threats

Do you have defined procedures in place to deal with the threat ? How would it impact on your business ?

Telephone Threat

Please remember if you get a genuine telephone threat, the terrorist at the other end of the line in trying to warn you. This is your opportunity to gain as much knowledge from them to assess the threat.

Terrorists and extremists frequently give telephone warnings, however, hoax callers often attempt to disrupt business and frighten staff with spurious bomb warnings.
Whether the threat is considered credible or not, you must:

  • Telephone the Police, ‘999’;
  • Telephone Group Security;
  • Give as much information as possible;
  • Consider carrying out a search;
  • Consider if evacuation is the correct response.

Actions on receipt of call: read Bomb Threat Telephone Call Checklist


Bombs and Incendiary Devices

For information on Bombs and Incendiary Devices including:

Security planning
Responsibilities of Emergency Co-ordinator
Responding to incidents
Making decision on evacuation
Search procedures

Read: Bomb Devices

Firearms and weapons attacks

In the UK, the Police Service and partners work hard to keep us safe from the threat of gun crime. Firearms and weapons attacks here thankfully are extremely rare however do occur therefore we must be prepared. An attack could be committed by terrorists, criminals or members of the public whose motives remain unknown. They can occur in public or at your place of work.

As unlikely as it is, we must always know what to do to stay safe. Visit the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website for firearms advice

Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN)

Staff should always be alert to the possibility of chemical or biological attack.
However, it should be remembered that:

  • To date, incidents involving chemical or biological attack have been extremely rare;
  • There is no current intelligence that suggests you are a target;
  • Malicious hoax calls are always a possibility;
  • The Emergency Services are highly skilled in the event of an incident.

The overriding aim is to ISOLATE CONTAIN and DECONTAMINATE

Roles and responsiblilities read: CBRN

City centre evacuation plan

Provides a comprehensive plan for the evacuation of all, or part of, the city centre in the event of a civil emergency, where it is considered that evacuation is necessary. This could include situations such as, although not limited to a natural disaster, severe weather, a collapsed or dangerous building, utilities failure, major fire or terrorist attack.

For more information read the Glasgow city evacuation plan and the Edinburgh city evacuation plan 

Insider Threat

Physical threats to your premises/staff can be delivered in a number of ways Vehicle Borne, Person Borne or delivered by mail or courier these are covered by the threat types above: Employee and insider threats