Local Policing

4.1 Local Policing is central to the effectiveness of Police Scotland and is core to our statutory role. Approximately 75% of our officers are aligned to Local Policing.

4.2 Our Annual Policing Plan outline show we will deliver on our priorities. Through discussions with our communities we can identify their priorities and ensure they are reflected in the work we do to keep people safe.

4.3 The work of our Local Policing Teams and, in particular, our community officers aim to provide meaningful engagement with the children and young people in our communities. Through our work we are looking to strengthen engagement with children and young people. This is an important opportunity to hear the views of young people about the issues that affect them and what they are concerned about.

4.4 We participate in a range of proactive engagement and diversionary activities which address the individual needs of our communities. This work looks to draw on the resources and assets available in those areas to provide positive opportunities for our children and young people.