Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

How robust is the system for managing sex offender risk?

Offenders who are subsequently convicted, pass through what is now a very well-established system involving what are known as the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA). 

These arrangements are the means by which agencies can effectively protect the public, including vulnerable individuals in the community. This system ensures that all information is shared between people who need to have it and effective risk management plans are agreed.

What are Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements?

MAPPA is not a body or organisation. It is a set of arrangements which the police service, local authority, prison service, health service and others are statutorily obliged to operate on a multiagency basis, with the objective of protecting the public from the risks that may be posed by sex offenders.

Will MAPPA arrangements eliminate all risk?

No. The arrangements which are put in place in relation to the management of risk posed by offenders will always be designed to reduce that risk as much as possible. However it is not possible to eliminate it altogether.

Are all sex offenders subject to the MAPPA arrangements?

The MAPPA arrangements apply to all Registered Sex Offenders.

Where can I find further information about MAPPA in my area?

Each Community Justice Authority (CJA) area produces annual MAPPA reports. These outline what has happened in your area and outlines plans for the coming year.