International Training officers

The need for high quality police training

The requirement for high quality police training has never been greater. 

The complex challenges that police officers face, in all countries, on an almost daily basis requires them to have the broadest possible range of policing skills.

Providing high quality vocational training without doubt prepares police officers and staff to deal with the demanding operational situations they face.

As the spectrum and range of mainstream and specialist police training evolves, it is increasingly apparent that some of the high quality training we provide to our staff is as equally attractive to our partners in the public, private and third sectors in Scotland, the wider United Kingdom and overseas.

UK policing holds an enviable reputation in regards to its operational delivery. Arguably, the policing style in Scotland sets many high standards to promote this reputation, which is testament to its unique, high-quality training approach.

We respect our past and acknowledge our rich history, but remain dynamic and modern incontinual review and design of new and evolving training products.

We are the envy of many policing institutions throughout the world, we have worked closely with a diverse range of countries and organisations in the past and continue to develop our International footprint as a key pillar of our National and International Development Strategy. 

As part of our commitment to national and international policing, the Scottish Police College has worked with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to create accredited policing qualifications which we have delivered at home and overseas. 

New programmes are continually being developed to meet the demands of policing and those required by key partners.

We are totally committed to providing the best quality training, leadership and development opportunities.

As an outward looking learning organisation we are keen to share our experiences and expertise.

Indoing so we continually look for opportunities for new partnerships which support our Strategy and ethos of improving and protecting the communities of Scotland.