Police Scotland Youth Volunteers

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Who are the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers? 

The Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV) are groups of up to 24 young people based across Scotland. Supported by adult volunteers and led by a police constable the PSYV volunteer at community and national events across Scotland. 

The PSYV programme aims to strengthen the relationship with the police and young people, breaking down barriers and promoting positive role models.

PSYV promotes a practical way for young people to understand policing by supporting the Police in their local area through volunteering. As part of this, young people are given a chance for their voice to be heard and encouraged to promote good citizenship.

The programme is open to all young people aged 13 – 17, this allows those people to get an insight into policing in Scotland and inspire individuals to participate positively within their communities.

Each PSYV group is coordinated by a police officer who will either have full time PSYV duties, or complete their PSYV duties alongside other duties as a community constable or school based officer etc. 

The coordinator is supported by a team of adult volunteers who come from all walks of life and bring their own skills and flare to each group. 

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Where the programme is running

The PSYV has groups in each of the 13 divisions across Police Scotland as per the contact list on the Recruitment Page.

The programme is currently expanding across Scotland to 37 groups by April 2017.

If your area is not listed on the Recruitment page, please keep an eye on these pages along with our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates. For more info about recruitment in a listed area, please email the coordinator directly.


What the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers do

The PSYV have expanded and have volunteered at numerous local fayres and fetes across the country, they have also attended and assisted Police Scotland at many high profile events including The Wickerman Festival, T-In The Park, The Open Golf, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Scottish Airshow.

The range of duties completed has been extensive and offers Police Scotland a great conduit to positively engage with Scotland’s young people.

In contribution to this, PSYV took the opportunity in November 2016 to deliver a national housebreaking campaign which focused on providing residents information on how to keep their property safe and secure during the darker nights. The PSYV’s involvement in such initiatives results in tens of thousands of leaflets being delivered and distributed across Scotland in a short time frame.

Throughout the campaign period 12 PSYV groups committed a total of 74 adults and 223 youth volunteers to the campaign, volunteering for a total of 831 hours and distributing 13,450 campaign leaflets.

This initiative is being repeated in 2016 bringing PSYV into the heart of communities across Scotland.

In support of Police Scotland’s priority to reduce crimes of violence 75 Youth Volunteers have been trained in “No Knives Better Lives” Peer Education products and are very active in their communities presenting the key messages to their peers throughout Scotland.

There are plans for PSYV to develop their peer education skills further to offer inputs to community groups on two further subjects including Cyber Crime and Internet safety.

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Social Media

For up to date information about where PSYV have been volunteering in your area then go to the  Twitter page @PolScotPSYV their Facebook page  and YouTube Channel.

How to become a Police Scotland Youth Volunteer

To become a Police Scotland Youth Volunteer visit our PSYV Recruitment page.

Adult Volunteers

If you an interest in becoming an Adult Volunteer, you can find out more info if you visit our PSYV Recruitment page.